What to Bring to Settlement

Buyers and sellers both need to have photo identification at settlement.  Buyers will need the funds to buy the property, in the form of a certified check or a wire transfer  – we would be happy to send your our wiring instructions.  We really prefer not to be given cash!  It is best if we […]

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Now That You’re Married

Do you want or need to change your deed?  Did one of you change your last name? Or did you both?  Deeds without consideration in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia are recorded for only the cost of the recording fee, no recordation or transfer tax is charged.     You may want to change […]

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What is Title Insurance and Why Do I Want it?

Title Insurance is unique in that it is the only insurance that protects you from past acts, not things that happen in the future. Unfortunately, there are many different reasons that title insurance coverage might be needed, for example: forged documents, documents signed by someone who is under age, or not of sound mind, undisclosed […]

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Why Do I Need Title Insurance?

A title search is performed on each transaction. The title records are only as good as the documents recorded. If a previous owner perpetrated a fraud, committed a forgery or the clerk of the land records failed to record or recorded incorrectly, the purchaser is unprotected without owners title insurance. With the coverage, the title […]

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