Title Review

Once an abstract of title is received, it must be reviewed.  Title review includes such things as verifying that all old loans are properly released, any Power of Attorney used was properly executed and notarized, all back property taxes have been paid, any special assessments have been paid and taxes, homeowner’s association/condo fees and water bills are paid current.

If you are purchasing a property that has been through a foreclosure in the last three years we must review the complete foreclosure file from the court, checking that all notices were given in a timely matter and that no signatures appear to be robo-signed, for example.  The review of a foreclosure takes between 3 and 6 hours and we have people who specialize in that review.

We also look to verify that all parties named on the deed are also on the contract of sale.  Sometimes owners add family members to deeds after the home is purchased and then neglect to have them sign the contract of sale.  All parties must sign the deed to complete the transfer of the property, so we need to know just who is listed on the most current deed.

If the county or city has an issue with a property, say for uncut grass, that will also turn up on the title review and we will get those issues solved prior to settlement.

Title review is a critical part in the process to assure that you home comes with a clean title and you will not have issues after you move in.