What to Bring to Settlement

Buyers and sellers both need to have photo identification at settlement.  Buyers will need the funds to buy the property, in the form of a certified check or a wire transfer  – we would be happy to send your our wiring instructions.  We really prefer not to be given cash! 

It is best if we can wire the proceeds to the sellers, that way the money goes into their account as cash, most banks have no waiting period to access funds that have been wired into an account.  We will need a voided check to get the wiring information.

Bring your children if you must, we understand the stresses of moving, but be aware that the buyer’s portion of settlement takes 45-60 minutes, so bring some toys and possibly snacks with you. You know your kids best.   We are a dog friendly office, so you can bring Fido, too.

Sellers, please bring all the keys to the property. Remember to get the spare key from your neighbors and your mom.  The warranties and instructions to appliances and operating systems are best left in the house.   Remember to take the garage door openers out of the cars and bring them to settlement, too.  It is helpful if you can tell the buyers when trash pick up and recycling days are, and if you have used service providers that you like, please give the buyers that information, too. 


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  1. Sutton Turner February 12, 2018 at 10:30 am #

    I never thought about bringing garage openers to the title settlement. My parents have just sold their house. Thanks for the information on what to bring to the settlement.

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