Tips for asking for repairs as the result of a home inspection

Always specify when the repairs are to be done – we all know prior to settlement, but do you really want to walk into the property for the final walk-through with the repair person?  Ask for them to be done a few days prior to settlement (be date specific) and ask for the receipts to be given to the buyer at the time the work is completed. That way, if the buyer has questions they can contact the repair person prior to settlement, not while sitting at the table.


Please do not use “repair/replace” when what you really want is “replace”.  Sellers will naturally pick the least expensive option.  And if you want it replaced, be specific, you want something comparable to what is there, not the least expensive option.   And if you want something repaired, state if the repairs must be done by a licensed contractor.  Otherwise, Harry Homeowner and his buddies will be doing the repairs.


If work has been done as a result of a home inspection, make sure to leave extra time to inspect the work at the walk-through.  This is the buyer’s last chance to make sure that he/she is happy with the property condition.

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