Residential Real Estate Closings

Buying or selling a home is one of the most exciting (and expensive) events in your life.  It is also one of the most stressful ones.  We will do our best to eliminate as much of the stress from your move.  From helping with contract drafting or review, to our examination of the title and work with your lender to ensure that your settlement takes place on time in a location that is convenient to you, we will do our best to make the process smooth.  That is our job, yours is to pack boxes.

Settlement itself takes about 45 minutes. At that time we will go over the HUD 1 Settlement Statement, detailing all the fees paid in connection with the transaction, the Note (personal obligation to repay) the Deed of Trust (the lender’s security interest in the property) and all the other documents that your lender requires in order for your loan to complete. These may include forms verifying your name, forms verifying your social security number, a copy of your loan application that you will sign again at settlement, occupancy affidavits, verification of receipt of appraisal and the like.  We are here to answer all your questions, we never want anyone to leave settlement feeling confused.

At the end of the process the buyer turns over their certified funds in exchange for the keys.