What is Title Insurance and Why Do I Want it?

Title Insurance is unique in that it is the only insurance that protects you from past acts, not things that happen in the future. Unfortunately, there are many different reasons that title insurance coverage might be needed, for example: forged documents, documents signed by someone who is under age, or not of sound mind, undisclosed heirs, and the possibility that a document correctly filed at the court is mis-indexed. Title insurance is purchased at the time of settlement and that one time purchase covers you as long as you own the property. There are two levels of protection, Standard Homeowners and Enhanced. Please call FIRST CLASS TITLE so that we can explain the differences in coverage and cost. If you are buying a REO property, the seller often will pay for the Owner’s title Insurance if you use their choice of Title Company. And if you refinance your home later, you will get a reduction in costs as a result of your purchase of Owner’s Title Insurance. Of course, call FIRST CLASS TITLE if you refinance for additional savings as a returning customer.

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