Document Drafting

Residential Contracts

While most residential contracts are written by Realtors using standard forms generated by the State or Regional Association of Realtors, you may need an addenda written for some specific situation.  Our attorneys are ready to draft these and will email them back to you and your Realtor for your review and use.

If you have chosen not to work with a Realtor and are buying or selling a home and need to have a contract of sale written, please give us a call. We will work with you to get the agreement down on paper and include all the jurisdictional requirements that you will need.

Commercial Contracts

Large or small, commercial deals are unique. If you need a commercial contract drafted or reviewed, call for an appointment with one of our attorneys.  We will meet with you quickly to determine if the contract is meeting all your needs and requirements and work with you to modify it to truly fit your situation.

Powers of Attorney

If you will not be able to attend settlement, contact us to have a Power of Attorney prepared so that another person can sign on  your behalf.  Every state has specific requirements  and our attorneys are licensed in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia and will prepare a Power of Attorney for you quickly.  We can email them to you to be signed wherever you are.