Mark B.

I actually wanted to write you an email thanking you for allowing us to go to settlement so late in the night. You made settlement fun for us (which was very refreshing given the day we had). Thanks to your willingness to go late on Friday, we were able to clean the entire house (bathrooms, fridge, stove, floors, etc..), replace the locks and prep for painting. Needless to say our muscles are sore and our wallets are little lighter (Home Depot is our new home away from home) but we are extremely excited to be working on our first home. Kunni, we owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude!!! I can not imagine what we would do if we had not had this weekend to work on the house. So a million, very sincere thank yous.

Once again thanks for your time, professionalism, kindness, and dedication. Friday was a very memorable day for a lot of different reasons, but one of the more lasting memories we will have is the kindness you showed us. You went above and beyond and for that reason you made the experience. For most it does not sound ideal to have settlement on a rainy Friday night but for us it was one of those experiences we wouldn’t change if we could. Thanks a million!

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