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Forms of Estate #realestate #law

A deed is the written document that conveys a property from a grantor (e.g., seller) to a grantee (e.g., buyer). Among other things, the deed indicates the form of the estate that passes.  Fee Simple Fee simple (sometimes, “fee simple absolute”) is the most complete form of ownership one can have. It gives the owner […]

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What’s a “Title Company”? #realestate #law #insurance #escrow

I’ve provided an overview of the three functions of a title company over on my blog. https://propertyatty.wordpress.com/2019/05/29/whats-a-title-company-realestate-law-insurance-escrow/ Some people aren’t aware of what a title company is, but they’re quite important to the purchase and refinance of real estate. A title company has three functions, all of which are heavily regulated by state and federal law. […]

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